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Training Team

Marianne Göthlin
CNVC Certified Trainer (Sweden)

Marianne Göthlin (Sweden) was introduced to NVC in 1990 and became a certified trainer in 1998. Marianne shares NVC internationally, collaborating with trainers in different countries, and was a trainer on many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg. 

Marianne has a life-long engagement in education, using the NVC process to foster respectful dialogue and joyful learning on all levels. She has been part of starting NVC-based schools and supporting many local initiatives to apply NVC in schools. She initiated a European NVC-in-education project in 2010, for collaboration in the network, learning together from experiences, and building skills to influence school development. 

Marianne is appreciated for embodying the subtle power of emphatic presence where there is a space for everyone to be.

Born as a listener, I wish I had learned to say, “Here I am, and this is what I want,” much earlier in life. NVC gave me an ocean of possibilities to sharpen my awareness and communication. I have a background as a teacher, and education is the area where I feel most hopeful about the future. Sharing NVC with people of all ages is for me a way of connecting with hope, joy, community, and purposeful contribution

My training focus is on inner work, upbringing, education, leadership, teamwork, conflict transformation, mediation, and social development. I am passionate about sharing NVC in lightness and depth!

Values: (1) simplicity – to find a line of strength in the complex; (2) focus – to be present; where else can I start? (3) warm curiosity – an irresistible attitude. Place: My summer house – my sanctuary on a granite rock by the sea outside Stockholm.

Mitch Miyagawa
CNVC Certified Trainer (Canada)

Mitch Miyagawa is a multi-faceted community organizer, leader, facilitator, and artist, based on Vancouver Island, on Canada’s pacific coast. His work crosses many areas and fields. He currently works at Vancouver Island University supporting intercultural training, programs, and events. He continues to do community and artistic work through his business, Maji Events. This includes producing community festivals and dance events, facilitating and hosting community gatherings and consultations, and co-creating a dance performance.

Mitch’s work in many areas is rooted in his beliefs in the power of respectful listening/embodied connection, power sharing/exchange, artistic expression/collaboration, the wisdom of the natural world, and the beauty, mystery, and energy of the human spirit. Recently, he has been breaking new ground with his land project, a 2-ha property on a small rural island, where he and his former wife and friend Angela raised their two sons. He and Angela have developed an innovative co-ownership model with a professional team that is creating a model for further co-ownership, in direct response to the local and global crisis in affordable housing and community fragmentation. 

Mitch was mentored into his role as an NVC Trainer 10 years ago by Penny Wassman, who studied with Marshall Rosenberg directly. Part of the post-Rosenberg NVC community, Mitch was a full-time trainer for five years, offering workshops around western Canada and internationally at the New York Intensive and 2018 Texas IIT. Since then, Mitch has applied his NVC skills and approaches to artistic and community work, where he is well-known for his relational, caring, and inspiring leadership style.

Mitch is a loving father of two sons, Tomio and Sam, now living in Nanaimo, BC. He and Angela “consciously uncoupled” two years ago. His father’s family was from Japan, and his family was interned during WWII. More of Mitch’s family story can be seen in the documentary he made in 2013, called A Sorry State, about state racism and government apologies, for which Mitch won the Writers Guild of Canada Documentary Award. Previously, Mitch lived for 15 years in Canada’s North, in Whitehorse, Yukon, where he practiced as a writer and filmmaker. 

Gabriele Grunt
CNVC Certified Trainer (Austria)

Gabriele has been working as a trainer with children and adults for more than 30 years. Born in Vienna, Austria, she studied cultural anthropology and has worked on international and national projects, workshops, and NGOs that deal with power imbalance, racism, enemy images, and restorative justice.

In her work, Gabriele enjoys exploring different ways of reaching people, learning, and working together – focusing not only on individual learning but on how to enable each of us to transform the structures we live in and create a more satisfying quality of connection.

As a CNVC-certified trainer, Gabriele shares NVC in different kinds of organizations in the fields of education, business, justice, and health, as well as in residential communities with individuals and teams of varying sizes. In many long-term projects in schools, universities, organizations, communities and companies Gabriele supports people to consciously choose ways towards understanding, cooperation, and peaceful conflict dialogue – and step by step to co-create structures that support partnership, mutual empowerment, new ways of leadership and inclusion in learning and working environments.

Dmitriy Kopina,
CNVC Certified Trainer (Slovenia)

I am eager to grasp different knowledge and have been a restless explorer my entire life. Working as a leader, reading full libraries of books, and attending so many classes, training events, and workshops, I have perceived myself as an encyclopedia of various technical and formal kinds of knowledge. I was always keen on sharing this knowledge and was fully dedicated to learning and sharing more, and more, and more – until one day it was really too much and it all stopped as I burned out.

Several years later, after changing my lifestyle completely, learning yoga and martial arts, connecting with nature, and finding my meaning, I met two of the “best friends” I have today: NVC – Nonviolent Communication, and CI – Contact Improvisation. Attending a similar, multi-day retreat changed my life completely, beyond words to describe, meeting Life on another level. I still attend lots of training sessions and have facilitated hundreds of my own workshops, individual coaching sessions, and therapy sessions. I enjoy changing and supporting changes and transitions in the lives of others. To this day, these several-day retreats are still my favorite events.

My life mission and purpose, working as a trainer, adviser, manager, father, and teacher, involves activities that support individuals in finding their authenticity, the fullness of life, and awareness; connecting people together; building “power with” communities based on the equality of all needs; and using forms of communication and full embodiment to support connecting individuals and groups to their essence, consciousness, and spirituality.

Maria Hechenberger
CNVC Certified Trainer & Assessor (Austria)

I learned NVC with almost no theoretical background; the experience always came first. Reading the theory afterwards made the experience complete, like the missing piece of a puzzle. The NVC basic model, the first four key distinctions, opened up new worlds for me to understand. Again and again back to the “simple” four steps. The constant reminder of my “beginner’s mind” accompanies me through my personal growth – again and again “not knowing”, again and again exploring. This is how I am as a psychological counselor, this is how I am as a facilitator, this is how I am as an NVC trainer and a human being.

I give lectures, talks for young parents, seminars for interested people who want to grow personally or are in crisis, and for those whose training program requires it. I teach psychology students and palliative care workers, I work with couples, and last but not least, I work with NVC trainer candidates.

Each example, each person, is unique and exciting. To offer needs guesses, to find the need, is like helping Sherlock Holmes solve a case.

I have been attending NVC classes since 2007 and have been offering practice groups, workshops, and trainings since 2010. I have been a certified trainer since 2012 and became a psychological counselor in 2017. I began my work as an assessor for the CNVC certification process in 2019, and 2024 will be my first experience on an IIT trainer team. Let’s see what’s next. You? 

Organizing team

Nessa Dertnig, (Austria)

Nessa Dertnig discovered NVC for the first time while on a permaculture course in 2011, and since then has studied with a variety of trainers in the United States and Europe. The practice of NVC has helped her create more connected and fulfilling relationships with many people in her life, and feel more balanced, aware, curious, and open. She is currently deepening her practice as a candidate for trainer certification.

Nessa lives and works on a small organic farm in southern Austria with her husband and two teenage children. She also teaches in a local secondary school and is eager to learn more about how to bring NVC into a public school setting and share NVC with students, parents, and teachers.

Meta Kolenc, (Slovenia)

Working and living in an international environment enriched my appreciation for the diversity of the world’s people and their cultures, making me improve and deepen my communication skills. My natural interest in interpersonal relationships and the inner world of each individual has led me to discover NVC.

Since my first NVC retreat, I have gotten a completely new perspective of myself and the way the force of Life is expressed through me. Needless to say, it has also changed the way I communicate with others. My wish is to guide by example and to help others not only to discover their needs but also to find a unique way to authentically actualize them. When I started walking this path I began accepting who I am and what my needs are – now my mission is to support those who decided to go on that journey too. Organization of NVC reatreats and workshops is a small step of making a social change.


Supporting Trainer Team

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