The complete IIT costs consist of:
– the tuition fee and
– the costs for accommodation, including meals

The tuition fee will be paid to CNVC and the accommodation costs will be paid directly to the venue/organizers. 



We would like to enable as many people as possible to participate in an IIT, regardless of their financial position. At the same time, we want to make sure that the cost of organizing the event is covered, CNVC (as a sponsor for this training) is sustainably funded, and that trainers and organizers can be adequately remunerated. Holding care for all these elements, the tuition fees have been set as follows:

Tuition Rates Total Fee Tuition Fee payable to CNVC in EUR or USD
(make your payment through 19 January 2024)

$ 2,175 USD
convert to another currency
(make your payment on 20 January 2024 or after)

$ 2,495 USD
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Discounts (only one of these discounts may apply):

  • 10% if you participated in (and paid for) a previous intensive training with CNVC
  • 10% if you have been a Supporting Member of CNVC for 6 months or more
  • 15% for registered Certification Candidates
  • 25% if you are an active Certified Trainer with CNVC (Please note that there are also a limited number of tuition-free spaces available for Certified Trainers, granted by a committee. For more information email us at
  • If you are a full-time resident of any of the countries listed below, you qualify for a Regional Tuition Fee
Regional Tuition Fee For full-time residents of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria
(make your payment through 19 January 2024)

$ 1,895 USD
convert to another currency
(make your payment on 20 January 2024 or after)

$ 2,195 USD
convert to another currency


Please contact CNVC at to get a discount code.


As we value inclusion and diversity, we would like to welcome all people willing to join us, regardless of their financial capabilities. If you are willing to participate in this IIT and the price is an obstacle you cannot overcome on your own, please write to us! We can offer some scholarships (financial assistance) for tuition costs. The scholarship application for this IIT is open as long as there are scholarship funds available. Please register as a participant and note in the registration form that you are requesting financial assistance.


Accommodation (Room and Board):

Stay in an apartment hotel: All rooms are in 4* apartments and each apartment has a private bathroom. Prices include three meals per day and two coffee breaks during the day, including fresh mountain water, coffee, and tea. Free WiFi internet, free car parking near the hotel, and free use of the swimming pool are also included. Guests can use the on-site sauna at a 75% discount. 

Camping (tent or van): Price includes a camping site for tent or van in newly build on site comping site. It also includes lunch and dinner each day (breakfast is not included and may be available for an additional cost), and two coffee breaks during the day, including coffee and tea.  

Commute Daily: Price includes lunch and dinner each day (breakfast is not included) and two coffee breaks during the day, including coffee and tea. The cost for overnight accommodation and other services are not included in this accommodation fee. 

Food choice: You may choose from vegetarian and vegan options only. Please indicate your choice in the IIT application form.

Accommodation Type                                               Accommodation Fee per person payable to the venue/organizer
Single room / person   € 898 EUR / per person
Double room / person   € 756 EUR / per person
Camping Tent
campsite for tent, lunch and dinner included
  € 558 EUR / per person
Camping Van
campsite for a van, lunch and dinner included
  € 596 EUR / per person
Commute daily
lunch and dinner included
  € 454 EUR / per person

The tourist tax is NOT included in the price. The tourist tax is payable on-site in the venue. TT price for an adult person in the year 2023 is €2.50 per person per day.



Registration is open.

You may pre-register with NO OBLIGATION to join us at any time. Please check your 3 steps toward your IIT experience here.